February 2021

2020 was a year that probably everyone wants to forget and 2021 shows us that it is not so easy to dig out from a pandemic. The debate about when and how to re-open the schools, the freezing weather conditions, slow distribution of the vaccines and political uncertainty and the divide between the rich and the poor are stark reminders that our recovery is fragile and will take a concerted, persistent effort. People talk about the silver linings of the pandemic which in some cases means people had more time for one another rather than keeping up with the frantic pace of life. Silver linings also bring to mind “necessity is the mother of invention” and in the absence of being able to get on a plane or meet people in person, destinations began to think outside of the box. My colleagues in Saxony came up with a film of a one week (one hour per day for seven days) virtual press trip with a live question and answer at the end of each day. It was brilliant and so well-received that they are now taking excerpts from the press trip for various other marketing purposes. SouthWest Germany hosted online cooking classes for the holidays and journalists were delighted to try their hand at some holiday baking – the photographs that they sent of their own results showed the deep enjoyment of Germany’s Christmas traditions and the joy of sharing these moments in the kitchen with their own families and with each other. It is reported that a full recovery, where we are back at the 2019 levels of travel, will take until 2024 and we hope that the creative efforts that everyone is making will help to solidify that recovery. Thanks for reading!